Hazardous Waste Management and Industrial Waste Power Plant Project

24 July 2019 3869 views

       This project is operated at the Map Ta Phut Eco Energy Power Plant where SCG is combining gasification with ash melting technology — a special technology licensed by Kobelco Eco-Solutions from Japan that has been accepted for over 15 years – to manage industrial waste through the process of incineration that can be used for various hazardous and non-hazardous waste materials.

       The entire process is located within a closed system with pollution and waste control system that meets international standards, from collecting waste from businesses, transporting the waste to sorting facilities to prepare for incineration, to entering the incineration process. Scraps from incinerations such as aluminum, steel and fly ash can be reused, while incombustibles may be further utilized as materials for road construction. 

       The facility can process up to 65,000 metric tons of industrial waste per year. Moreover, this technology leaves behind no additional waste, while allowing the by-products from the incinerator to be put to use in line with circular economy.



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