Green Carton

8 June 2019 4802 views

      Environmentally-friendly corrugated packaging is made from used paper scraps that has been collected and recycled in an efficient paper manufacturing process. The packaging is designed as light weight paper to decrease the use of pulp yet retain the same strength. This type of paper, together with the corrugated box innovation, is used to produce green carton – a corrugated box that is lighter than ever — yet as durable as any carton packaging.

       Moreover, SCG is determined to develop a process for collecting paper scraps and used packaging throughout its value chain in order to bring these materials back into the recycled material production with the highest efficiency, which will decrease the use of water, energy, and waste that is released back into nature. SCG has been working on several projects such as collecting scraps from retailers back to its plants, and developing a digital platform that answers the need of modern consumers to facilitate waste collection from shops and homes.



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