From waste to art Behind the curtain of A-Vichulada’s inspiration

29 October 2019 1860 views

From waste to art Behind the curtain of the inspiration of Ae-Vichulada: “There is no way to waste the world anymore … but how can we manage it to the best of our ability? That’s what we all can do. “

Good ideas from “Ae Wichulada”, an artist who uses art to tell social issues. To inspire us to see the importance of using resources worthwhile And see the value of waste

Example: “Landmark SD Symposium 10 Years”, the latest work of Khun A with SCG By separating waste that has been separated in the office And the community around the factory over 118 kilograms to create new value Put creativity into the coolest Landmark & ​​Podium works used in the event. Is another example that … If we separate waste into waste, it can be recycled for reuse.



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