Ban Mod Tanoi community, Trang province, model of coastal coastal waste management

7 November 2019 2002 views

Garbage comes from all areas. Finally, I came to finish in the community. If everyone is quiet, garbage may affect the community and marine animals.

But did you know that ‘trash’ can be more than that? For example, Ban Mot Tanoi community in Trang, where the ‘Change Method’ can be used to create waste and ‘change the way’ by starting to separate the garbage at home. Make good use of things. And reduce waste generation each day It’s an easy way for everyone to join together. To reduce sea waste

And what do you think will “Change anything” to help reduce waste And for our world?

Went to find the answers together in the video of Ban Mod Tanoi community, Trang province

#SCG #SCGCircularWay



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