Waste Recycling System at SCGP’s Plants

“Waste Management Solution That Turns Waste into Value.”

The Dilemma of Finite Natural Resources and Ever-Increasing Demand

The ever-growing consumption demand has catalyzed industrial growth; thus, the finite resources are depleting tremendously due to continuous production. If lacking proper management, the environment and the community will be put at great risk of resource scarcity and pollution driven by poor waste management.

Waste Minimization Innovation

SCGP is committed to researching and developing innovations for better waste recycling and value addition. SCGP has implemented a series of industrial waste management practices based on the circular economy

  1. Lime mud is a solid waste generated from the pulp production process. The waste recovery cost can be as high as 40 million baht per year. Known to be alkaline with high calcium content, lime mud can be used as a soil improvement admixture to increase the plant’s alkalinity and calcium and adjust the soil and water’s pH level on top of a sanitizing agent in shrimp and fish farms. SCGP is exploring more ways to utilize lime mud in agriculture instead of disposing of it.
  2. Fly ash is a waste byproduct of power generation and steam process in paper production. To legally dispose of fly ash, it requires costly and external operations. To address the problem, fly ash is then used as a mixture in making construction bricks. Fly ash is an excellent alternative to cement for brick production.

From Research to Action: A Tangible Outcome

The research and implementation of using lime mud in agriculture have proven success as it can minimize lime mud’s disposal costs by 2.5 million baht. At the same time, the company can earn more revenue from sales of 1.1 million baht. Besides, the utilization of fly ash as the brick mixture can reduce the amount of fly ash going to external waste operations. Regarded as an affordable choice, fly ash-based brick is a dependable solution for the community’s construction projects.


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