Waste-Free Community Project in Rayong Province

"A Model Community for Waste Management between “Homes-Temples-Schools-Waste Banks”

The Issue of Waste in Semi-Urban Communities and Industrial Areas

The expansion of societies and national economic development has shifted the dynamic in many communities, especially in communities located in Map Ta Phut area which is a semi-urban community and an industrial area with an increasing amount of waste that calls for systematic management. With the cooperation of locals, a waste management project has helped the communities achieve a better quality of living and become waste-free.

Homes-Temples-Schools-Waste Banks: A Sustainable Waste Management Network

Chemicals Business, SCG initiated the Waste-Free Community project at the beginning of 2019 among communities in the Map Ta Phut area in Rayong province in Khot Hin 2, Khot Hin Mittrapab, and Khao Pai communities. In 2020, the project was expanded to 18 communities in the area with the objective to establish a model for resources and waste management to increase the amount of waste that is recycled and to lower the amount of waste in landfills by raising awareness among locals and enabling them to use resources efficiently to its full capacity. For example, SCG demonstrated the method for waste sorting and disposal through the network of homes-temples-schools-waste banksto locals in order to promote engagement in a wide circle among people in the communities. Moreover, SCG introduced the “KoomKah” web application – a digital platform for waste management that has been developed by SCG’s Chemicals Business, SCG – which helped with data collection and connected between waste buyers and sellers.

Joining Hands to Manage Waste Together

With cooperation from many sectors, the members of the Waste-Free Community projecthas now opened a total of 1,758 accounts to buy and sell waste on the “KoomKah” application. The project has also recycled over 70 tonnes of waste and helped lower the amount of waste in communities, resulting in a cleaner environment and more happiness for families.



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