SCG Green Choice: An Eco-Friendly Label

“A Green Label for Sustainable Innovation:Your Choice for the Earth”

An Environment Issue Awaiting a Sustainable Solution

Global warming, climate change, waste and pollution from inefficient use of energy and natural resources, and problems relating to the quality of life and safety are all continuously become more severe. Therefore, now is the time for cooperation to create the sustainability, and apractice that everyone can follow is to chooseeco-friendly products and services for their everyday life.

A Label for Consumers to Choose Wisely and Sustainably

Cement-Building Materials Business of SCGhas developed the “SCG Green Choice” eco-label to certify eco-friendly products and services that also promote consumer’s well-being. There are three categories of products under SCG Green Choice as follow:

  1. Productsthat Help Saving Energy and Easing Global Warming (Climate Resilience)
  2. Productsthat Lower the Use of Natural Resources and Maximize the Value of Resources (Circular Economy)
  3. Products that Promote Health and Well Being for Consumers (Well Being)

The idea behind SCG Green Choice is to offer more than just a label as it is also a green innovation that helps ease consumers’ buying decision and gives them an assurance that these products have the least impact on the environment while providing a better quality of living for people in society.


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