A Solution to Manage Waste Banks to Sustainably Address Waste Problems

Mountains of Trash: A Familiar Sight That Cannot Be Ignored

The image of “mountains of trash” is a familiar sight for many of us today. With the changing lifestyle and way of consumption that has shifted to becoming more convenient and safe, we cannot avoid producing a huge amount of trash every day, with the combined amount of trash possiblytotaling several tens of millions of tonnes day. All types of waste must be properly managed to recirculate and add value based on Circular Economyprinciples. Moreover, we need to reduce the amount of trash in landfills and increase the rate of recycling to lower the impact of waste on humans, animals, and the environment

“KoomKah”: Adding Value to Waste and Promoting Waste Sorting Behaviors

“KoomKah” is a solution to enhance the efficiency of data collection, promote recycling, and ease global warming in order to facilitate waste banks or waste collectors to manage waste using a web application. With this solution, people in community and members can exchange sorted waste into rewards or points while waste banks can plan strategy in order to maximize value for these resources. Moreover, the solution allows waste banks to deliver the waste directly to waste management facilities without having to use a middleman so that members can receive full incentive which inspire them to participatein proper waste management while waste banks will be able to carry out the process with more efficiency. There are 5 key features in the “KoomKah” solution:
1. Buy: For collecting types and amount of waste data as well as calculating the reward that members will receive from waste sorting.
2. Membership Management: For recording membership data, reward exchange history, and total points earned.
3. Sell: For recording sales data and calculating revenue and profit earned from sales.ใ
4. Inventory Management: For recording the data of waste types, total cash and points received from buying waste in order to plan an efficient sales strategy.
5. Report: For analyzing data exporting dataed in the Excel format with selected period.

Waste Management Starts with Our Hands

Offering a simplified, user-friendly and convenient process, “KoomKah”,now gains over 114 waste banks across country using the solution and more than 7,500 members in Bangkok and other provinces. Waste banks are operated by various organizations including communities, educational institutes, companies, stores, and waste sorting projects that aim to create value from waste instead of dumping them in landfills. Apart from using resources to its full potential in line with cCircular eEconomy, waste sorting also eases the issue of land waste spilling into the ocean as well as lower the impact of global warming.



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