Banpong Model

“A Community Model in Waste Management: Joining Forces to Manage Waste”

Overflowing Waste in the Community: When Locals have Lack of understanding in Waste Management

Banpong District, Ratchaburi Province, is a large district with over 173,000 residents. The area faced a problem in which more than 171 tons of waste generated per day lacked management as locals did not understand the importance of sorting waste, thus, waste became contaminated and difficult to recycle. The responsibility of sorting waste lay with the municipality who addressed the waste problem as well as its odor by increasing the number of garbage trucks and the frequency of garbage collection, all of which added to the cost of waste management and led to improper waste management such as burying or incinerating that impacted the environment and people in the community.


A Sustainable Waste Management Model Backed by the Community

With the determination to take part in solving the waste problem, locals in Banpong joined forces with SCGP to establish the “Banpong Model” that educated locals as well as encouraged waste management by studying the Ban Rang Plub Model Community, a community that joined the Zero Waste Community project initiated by the Department of Environmental Quality Promotion, as Ban Rang Plub is one of the subdistricts in Ratchaburi that was able to manage waste and recirculate resources to its maximum value. Thus, SCGP joined hands with 17 local administrative organizations in Banpong to learn from Ban Rang Plub and drive the “Banpong Model” that aims to educate locals on waste management while promoting one model community per local area to efficiently find a method to manage waste in the subdistrict level.


Joining Hands and Hearts to Create a Waste-Free Community

The strong teamwork and cooperation among locals in Ban Banpong successfully transformed the area from a subdistrict with waste problems into a subdistrict where there is less waste while locals are now able to use waste to its full capacity and create added value from waste. Moreover, a waste sorting habit was promoted through the “Zero Waste Community” project competition in which interesting projects were selected to compete in the national level. The next goal for Banpong is to ensure that all 183 villages in the subdistrict is a zero waste community by the year 2023



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