Artificial Coral Reef

“Restoring Abundance to the Ocean with 3D Cement Printing Technology as Foundation for Coral Larvae, Creating a Nearly Natural Model for Artificial Coral Reef to Sustainably Revive Marine and Coastal Resources in Thailand”

The Destruction of Coral Reefs: A Crisis of Marine and Coastal Resources

Marine and coastal resources are important to the stability of the economy, society, and the environment as they directly affect the way of life of fishermen and the tourism industry as well as biological diversity. However, due to continuous use of resources in marine and coastal areas, many coral reefs have been destructed. Thus, it is necessary to urgently care for, preserve, and revive coral reefs in Thailand.

Introducing 3D Cement Printing Technology to Return Abundance to Coral Reefs

SCG’s Cement-Building Materials Business, together with Department of Marine and Coastal Resources, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, and Faculty of Veterinary Science, Chulalongkorn University, have signed an agreement to develop Advanced Materials with 3D Cement Printing Technology to produce a foundation for coral larvae and promote natural coral growth with a new type of artificial coral reef that is nearly natural. The model also uses recycled concrete to replace 40% of the limestone required. This cooperation is an expansion of the “Conserving Water from Mountain to Mighty River” project which aims to restore balance to the ocean’s ecosystem in line with scientific methods to return abundance to Thailand’s oceans. After placing these models along coastal areas and monitoring its coral growth development, the artificial reefs have proven to be beneficial for the growth of coral larvae while also increasing the abundance of the ecosystem in the area.


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