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Story > Downstream > Experience the Charming Fishermen’s Way of Life in Trang
Experience the Charming Fishermen’s Way of Life in Trang

Experience the Charming Fishermen’s Way of Life in Trang

The sound of waves crashing onto the shore, sandy beaches and windy days are what you would expect along the beautiful seashores of Thailand. However, city-dwellers like us may find it hard to make time to travel to experience the sea. Recently, SCG offered an opportunity to join the “Raknam…From the mountains to the mighty rivers” program that aims to take responsibility for water sources from upstream to downstream. This time, we visited the downstream area at Mod Tanoy Community in Kantang District, Trang.

Fishermen are always at sea, and fishery is one of the main livelihoods of seaside communities. From participating in the activities, we experienced the harmony between humans and nature as well as the beauty of their charming way of life that everyone needs to see at least once in their lifetime.

01 Fishermen’s Way of Life

With our first steps into the Mod Tanoy Community, we found a picturesque paradise that even photographs cannot convey its full beauty. We immediately fell in love with the inviting sandy beaches, simple charms and the locals’ way of life that is closely knitted together like immediate relatives.

Here, locals would occupy themselves with small fishery operations: fishing for shrimps, clams, crabs, by going out to sea seasonally, leaving and returning in the same day and using simple, handmade fishing tools. Thus, their lives are closely tied to the sea: from the day they were born, all they have experienced is the ‘Fishermen’s Way of Life’ that is simple, sufficient and full of joy. We learnt that the seashore is loved and cared for as the hopes and future of the fishermen lie at sea.

However, relying solely on the catch from the ocean may result in troubled times, especially during the monsoon season and also in cases where fishermen catch too much fish that it affects the locals’ way of life. To preserve the sea as a source of livelihood for locals, responsible fishery that is ocean-friendly is the way to conserve the sea which is one of the resources of Thailand.

02 Raknam…From the mountains to the mighty rivers

Did you know that Thailand has one of the best geological locations in the world, with diverse natural resources for life, especially water resources? Without water, fishermen cannot survive and that is the reason why SCG has always cared for the environment, focusing on the prevention of future issues and raising awareness for the public to conserve water. Thus, the “Raknam…From the mountains to the mighty rivers” project was initiated with the aim to follow the footsteps of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej in conserving water resources:

“Development with the objective to raise quality and increase crops must utilize natural and environment resources wisely in order to preserve these resources for future generations.”

Therefore, ‘Fish Homes’ were made to return natural abundance to the ocean’s ecological system in cooperation with locals in Mod Tanoy Community, Kantang District, Trang. The fish homes were made with seawater-resistant cement developed with the determination of SCG. The cement’s properties included high resistance to erosion and less likely to rust, as the cement consisted of natural materials which are cement, rocks, sand and water. Once fish homes are made, they are transported to appropriate areas at sea to become dwellings for ocean creatures.

However, “Fish Homes” cannot be left just anywhere: experts must be consulted on the area where fish homes are placed. To prevent danger and harm to the ecological system, fish homes must be placed in channels that are deep enough to stay out ships’ courses.

03 Nature’s Protection

After staying with the Mod Tanoy locals, we learnt that humans and nature are deeply reliant on each other, for better or worse. Humans are also one of the most important catalysts of environmental changes, and once natural disasters hit, immense damage can occur.

The way of life at Mod Tanoy Community also proved that we are under nature’s protection. Several years ago, the south of Thailand was hit by a tsunami that caused widespread damage compared to a human’s tiny scale of life. However, the community was protected by the “White Dragon’s Ridge” that was a natural wall which eased the effect of the tsunami in the form of a sand ridge that would rise above sea level during the ebb tide. This ridge was a popular tourist spot that beneath its beauty also contained a memorable story.

Another staple of the fishermen’s way of life is the ‘Mangrove Forest’ that also plays an important role. This natural resource is highly crucial to the survival of the ecology, from providing food sources to habitats to ocean creatures. In many areas today the mangrove forest is being destroyed and we must step in to protect nature, with the hope that one day nature will also protect us.

Why don’t you step outside to enjoy nature and discover countless amazing experiences? Nature is truly human’s best friend. It’s time to pack your bags and travel!