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SCG Conserving Water Campaign: Raknam…From the mountains to the mighty rivers

Humans are not the only living beings that need to be loved. Animals, trees, air and water are all things in which we can show our love and care, including “water”. SCG’s 'SCG Conserving Water Campaign: Raknam…From the mountains to the mighty rivers' project is an initiative with an aim to follow the footsteps of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej in conserving water resources, from Check Dams in the forests with water sources, Water Ponds that will hold the water to be used in the dry season, water retention areas or Kam Lingto enable farmers to utilize water for agriculture, to taking care of downstream areas by creating Fish Homes for fish and sea creatures to dwell.

Everyone is a part of the journey of water, whether they are communities or cities, because the course of water connects people from all walks of life, fromupstream, midstream, todownstream. 'Raknam…From the mountains to the mighty rivers' project means that everyone must join together to conserve water sustainably from upstream to downstream.


GOAL for Conserving Water Projects in 2020

100,000 Check Dams

20 Water Ponds

20 Kam Ling Projects

2,600 Fish homes

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