SCG began business operation in Indonesia since 1995 by opening a trading office which mainly focused on trading and market research, and gradually expand investment in diversified businesses such as PVC, ceramic tiles, and join venture with partner in building materials business.

During past years, SCG invested in array of businesses in Indonesia to pursue the company’s vision to become a regional leader with emphasis on innovation and sustainability. Today, SCG has approximately 7,200 employees in Indonesia and total of 28 subsidiaries in three core businesses, namely, cement-building materials, chemicals, and packaging. SCG continues to study market possibility to seek for long-term investment which can contribute to sustainable growth of Indonesia.


scg Business Unit


Total Cement and building materials supplier and distributor, including retail business with national network, not only for structure, but also roofs, walls, ceilings and landscapes that are known to have the best quality standards in their class.

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Develop high-quality plastic chemicals that will contribute to the development of infrastructure for a better life in Indonesia. The chemicals business also has a joint venture with Indonesia’s leading petrochemical company, PT Chandra Asri Petrochemical.

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Packaging business offers a diverse to address need of customers such as paper packaging and offset printing system with ‘Circular Economy’ principle that supplies customers across Indonesia.

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SCG is a leading business conglomerate operating the business for over a century in line with the principle of sustainable development and good corporate governance since 1913. SCG envisions to become a regional business leader with an emphasis on product innovation and excellent services to meet the customer’s needs and enhance consumers’ living standard coupled with encouraging sustainable growth for societies and communities where it operates.

SCG Products and Services in Indonesia

SCG Cement

PT. Semen Jawa
Premium quality cement from the first green field cement plant of SCG in Indonesia.


SCG Lightweight concrete block

PT. SCG Lightweight Concrete Indonesia
Premium quality energy-saving Autoclaved Aerated Lightweight Concrete.


SCG Pipe & Precast

PT. SCG Pipe and Precast Indonesia
A leading pipe and precast concrete manufacturer with focus on concrete drainage structure.


SCG Ready-mix concrete

PT. SCG Readymix Indonesia
The first and largest supplier of ready mixed concrete in Indonesia that offers premium products and services with high values driven by SCG innovations.


SCG Ceramic Roof, Wall, and Floor Tiles

PT. Keramika Indonesia Assosiasi Tbk (KIA)
One of Indonesian top ceramic tiles leaders with wide range of ceramics products.



PT. Kokoh Inti Arebama
A leading construction-materials distributor of SCG ceramic products and others with strong network and logistic across Indonesia.


PVC Resin

PT. TPC Indo Plastic and Chemicals
A leading PVC manufacturer in Indonesia with PVC resin as a main raw material for construction material.


Corrugated Containers and Offset Printing

PT. Primacorr Mandiri
The first packaging plant of SCG in Indonesia which offers both packaging and packaging-related material to serve customers’s needs across the country.

Corrugated Containers


With the emphasis on sustainability, SCG continuously contributes to society and community where it operates as well as improves Indonesian’s quality of life. Throughout the years, SCG has proved to pay increasing attention and effort to CSR activities, strengthening the commitment of the group in the well-being and the development of Indonesian people in many other programs.

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#CareTogether COVID-19

SCG Donates Innovative Positive-Pressure Swab Chamber Solutions for Indonesia

SCG #CareTogether Together to protect the frontline in handling COVID-19 by donating innovative solutions to 40 positive-pressure swab chambers in the amount of 1 billion rupiah for Indonesia. This donation was symbolically handed over to the Head of the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB Indonesia), Mr. Doni Monardo, on Wednesday (10/6) in Jakarta and to the Governor of West Java, Mr. Ridwan Kamil, on Friday (19/06) in Bandung, West Java which is then distributed to various hospitals and health laboratories in Indonesia.

The Swab chamber, which is an innovative solution by SCG to prevent the possibility of transmission of COVID-19 from patients to medical staff, was built with hollow steel structure and sandwich wall panels made of metal and foam which makes this chamber sturdy, lightweight, sterile, and fast in the production process. The SCG Swab Chamber also uses a positive pressure method to ensure that air that may have been contaminated outside is not contaminated into the chamber. In addition, this room is equipped with 99.97% HEPA Filters and UV light which can kill viruses and exhaust fans to ensure the safety and comfort of medical personnel in conducting examinations.

Our New Normal | SCG in Indonesia

Hello, SCG People! A new normal means that we are returning to our everyday routines, but everything will be different. It may be sounded daunting and terrifying, but it doesn't have to be that way. Our workspace can be both safe and productive, where we can collaborate with our teammates, even when we are standing a couple of meters apart from each other. For the sake's of everyone's health and safety, here is the story of SCG companies in Indonesia following the health protocol to welcome the New Normal. Stay safe, stay healthy!