Zyclonic™ by SCG

Uplifting sanitation for Thailand and the world, with products for the treatment of toilets and households’ wastewater. The innovation aims for pathogen-free waste and elimination of the breeding grounds for diseases such as diarrhea, cholera, and typhoid, which are taking up to 500,000 lives of children below 5 years old worldwide annually. 

This innovative waste treatment unit, Zyclonic™, is compact and allows easy assembly, without having to connect to the central electricity system. The waste and wastewater treatment makes it pathogen-free and eliminates odor, thus, allowing resources to be reused. The reusable water can be used as a soil conditioner, toilet flush, for watering plants, and other irrigation purposes. Moreover, the treatment can be completed prior to the release to natural bodies of water, without affecting the environment and sanitation of the surrounding communities.


“ESG, Start For a Better World.”