SCG Solar Roof Solution

Solar roof installation for household use or small enterprises may sound troublesome and costly. Nevertheless, in the past year, consumer behavior shifted, and people are spending more time indoors to avoid the pandemic as well as the PM 2.5. This increased demands for home electricity consumption.

In the afternoon, the electricity usage in a medium-sized, single-detached house that turns on two air conditioners and uses appliances such as the refrigerator and television, can increase the average electricity cost by 30-50% or approximately 3,500-4,500 Baht increase per month. However, with the SCG Solar Roof Solution, the long-term costs can see a 1,400-1,900 Baht decrease each month.

The expert services include the installation design for best electricity generation and
on-site roof inspection prior to the installation. Also, with the Solar Fix innovation, the solar roof installations can be completed without drilling the roofs, thus, future leakage is not a risk. Additionally, SCG assists in all the installation permission applications as well as after-sales services that last with the 25-year warranty.

This innovation not only reduces the electricity cost up to 60% and offers a return on investment in 7-10 years, but homeowners can also gain from the government energy buyback schemes. It is truly the power production innovation that creates value and eases greenhouse gas emissions.


“ESG, Start For a Better World.”