SCG Hybrid Innovative Eco-Friendly Cement

“SCG Hybrid structural cement” adopts a new standard for eco-friendliness while reducing CO2 emission in the manufacturing process. Moreover, it surpasses or maintains the sturdiness, durability, and compressive strength compared to that of the general portland cement. It embraces material science technology and innovation adjusted for product development with active ingredients of strong qualities. It is accredited for the TIS 2594-2556 industrial standard, the first hydraulic cement standard in Thailand.

Moreover, in the production process, alternative energy replaces coal usage at 18% of the heat energy and reuses hot air from the production to reduce energy consumption by 38%. The production of a ton of hydraulic cement can reduce CO2 emission by 0.05 tons of CO2 with the aim to achieve a reduction to 300,000 tons of CO2 by the year 2022.

The product is appropriate for basic infrastructure, roads, bridges, or mega projects such as building structures and general housing. This also extends to contractors and project owners who are seeking the green building standard of LEED and Green Buildings in the future. Moreover, it is also certified by the Green Label, Carbon Reduction Label, Carbon Footprint Reduction, Carbon Footprint Product, and SCG Green Choice standards.


“ESG, Start For a Better World.”