“Power of Community”


  • Community enterprise training course inspire and providing knowledge on adding value to community products
  • Coupled with promoting knowledge and virtue
  • There are more than 450 communities participating in the project in 14 provinces across the country. and aiming to continually expand the network of strong community power

The program “Community Knowledge Promotion to Build Sustainable Careers” is an initiative that leverages the king’s philosophy of sufficiency economy to inspire communities to grow and become self-reliant by integrating local wisdom and raw materials in the product processing and value addition, creating a distinct product identity, and knowing the market before producing and selling. Members also learned how to build a brand, use marketing strategies, grow their offline and online sales channels, and plan for a sustainable way of life.

Due to covid-19, SCG has expanded this implementation to assist and educate over 450 community members in 14 provinces: namely, Lampang, Saraburi, Kanchanaburi, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Chiang Rai, Phrae, Udon Thani, Ubon Ratchathani, Lamphun, Uttaradit, Buriram, Phitsanulok, Tak, and Rayong. As a result, their monthly income increases by 10,000 to 100,000 baht, allowing them to live in harmony, develop, share, and build strong community networks.

SCG also introduced the “Shop to Help the Community” initiative by selecting 850 local products from the Power of Community project to its online product catalog and distributing them via its online channels, including the SCG website, Facebook, YouTube, Line, SCG home, SCG boutique, and other online marketplaces. The goal is to broaden the channels through which consumers can conveniently access and support community goods. The products can be ordered online and shipped directly from the community to the buyer’s home. This project contributes to the community’s ability to generate income sustainably.

Success and motivational stories 

“Faseri Praphantha” from Ubon Ratchathani Province incorporated the value of Thai krabok, also known as Thai wild almonds, into crispy, multi-flavored krabok and krabok cookies that are delectable in all of their flavors. Once a farmer who struggled but never gave up, she learned and fought to become self-sufficient, transforming local resources into value-added products. She founded “Rai Na Fah Endo Company Limited” to be a source of happiness for the community, where the elderly can earn income and the young can find work without having to travel far from home.

“Kesirin Klinfoong” from Lampang Province created a local Lampang snack identity: the pineapple-filled chicken-shaped cookies that were so delicious that they were served at APEC 2022 Thailand. She overcame every hurdle with the strength of motherhood, bettering her life, family, and community. Every snack’s bite tastes as if it were prepared with a mother’s love.

“Patcha Thanathip” from Phrae Province is a leading innovator who develops products by adding value and transforming bananas grown in her backyard into dried bananas, banana flour, banana drinks, banana cereals, and caramel-coated shredded rice grain and cornflakes. She is eager to share knowledge to establish a banana innovation center that connects tourism and generates various local jobs.

“Surat Thiemmakka” from Ratchaburi Province is a farmer and processor who prolongs the life of a range of herbs and fruits, including solar-powered dried bananas, okra tea, fingerroot powder, and fatalaijon powder, making them available all year. She established the Malee Orchard Herb Processing Community Enterprise Learning Center, where she shares her knowledge with enthusiasts and visitors and is ready to create jobs that connect networks in and out of the area.

“Tham Yai Women’s Group” from Nakhon Si Thammarat Province is a women’s group that combines their creative energy to process local rice and fruits to have a distinctive identity, introducing crispy rice with tom yum flavor, stir-fried southern noodles, and spicy salad with horse mango that has a rich flavor characteristic of southerners. It is simple to prepare and accessible year-round, and this aims to become a well-known Thai product.

e-catalog “Shop to Help the Community”

Success and motivational “Power of Community stories”


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