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SCG Launches SCG Concrete Tile “NEUSTILE DIAMOND CUT”, Offering Added Aesthetic Corner Cuts and Heat Reflexive Innovation To Keep House Cool and Comfortable and Save Energy In line with Circular Economy

Date : 13 March 2019


SCG launched SCG Concrete tile “NEUSTILE DIAMOND CUT” inspired by gemstone cutting. The roof tile is designed to have added sharp dimension at corner cuts to reflect modern and unique aesthetic for customers who prefer a modern home with distinctiveness and stylish identity. The tiles come into two popular colors: Dark Brown and Grey State.

Moreover, the product integrated “X-Shield Technology” innovation which provides 3 times longer lasting color* and heat reflective technology that contains innovative special molecule formula color coating called “HeatBLOCK Pigment,” enabling SCG Concrete tile “NEUSTILE DIAMOND CUT” to reflect thermal radiation 3.5 times** higher than the previous formula. These technologies can ensure cool and comfortable indoor temperature that save energy in the house, in line with the Circular Economy.

For those who want to learn more about the product, please visit the website https://roofexpert.scgbuildingmaterials.com or seek consulting service from experts at SCG Experience, SCG Experience Service Station, SCG Home Solution, and SCG Roofing Center or call SCG Contact Center at 02-586-2222 or Line@ : SCG Contact Center

**Thermal Radiation is measured by considering Near Infrared Reflectance (NIR) of SCG Neustile concrete roof dark color shade controlled variable (NIR = 8%) compared with Dark Brown (NIR = 27.9%). *Based on the comparative test between normal SCG concrete roof tiles and X-Shield using Q.U.V condition acceleration testing process equivalent to ASTM G154 standard by SCG Technology Roof Design Center. X-Shield is 3 times more resistant to the environment than the previous formula.