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SCG Caters to Digital Customers with SCG Online Store, Introducing New Feature ”Get Price at Your Fingertips” for Construction Solutions with Nationwide Delivery Service

Date : 18 December 2018


SCG has unveiled a new online shopping experience for construction solutions, introducing a new feature “Get Price at Your Fingertips” on SCG online store. The e-commerce platform is curated to meet the needs of digital lifestyles, enabling customers to browse construction items with immediate prices to make decision-making easier plus the nationwide delivery service with optimized order management from SCG Express and a network of over 300 digital partners, offering total solutions to satisfy customers’ demands.

Mr. Nithi Patarachoke, Vice President of Cement-Building Material Business, SCG, disclosed, “From our observation, the purchasing behavior of customers in the digital age changes markedly where they are gradually shifting their purchases to favor online stores rather than physical storefronts. We have received construction consultations from over 10,000 customers a year via SCG channels. As a result, the online store sales skyrocketed 700% growth compared to 2017. To tap into the rising trend, SCG launched a new feature “Get Price at Your Fingertips” on SCG online store to provide immediate prices of construction products, no more waiting for a price quote. Customers are merely required to select the items and put the delivery address. Besides, SCG online store also shows SCG retail prices of construction items based on different areas and offers a series of products and services to provide homeowners convenience to create a more comfortable daily living space. SCG also offers delivery service on its online platform featuring SCG Express and a digital partner network of over 300 leading construction retailers, covering 77 provinces nationwide.

Furthermore, customers appear to grow interest in getting additional installation services by professional installers. SCG has offered add-on solutions such as SCG home roofing, car parking roofing and insulation plus installation and aftersales services. Customers can get online reservation scheduling for installation on SCG online store.”

You can start the new streamlined shopping experience for home products and services via http://store.scg.com/ today. For more information, please contact SCG Contact Center at 02-586-2222 or Line @SCG.