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SCG Maintains Leadership in Sustainability Receives SET Sustainability Awards 2018 for 4th Fourth Consecutive Year

Date : 1 November 2018


Mr. Yuttana Jiamtragan, Vice President – Corporate Administration of SCG and Mr. Numpol Limpraset, Director – Sustainability Development of SCG jointly received the “SET Sustainability Awards 2018” for the 4th consecutive year from the Stock Exchange of Thailand in two categories: the Sustainability Awards of Honor, given to listed companies with excellent record in sustainability for a minimum of three consecutive years; and Thailand Sustainability Investment Award, given to listed companies that is a leader in business operations which follow the sustainable development model and set a good example for companies in the Thai stock market.

The awards reinforced SCG’s determination to operate its businesses with responsibility, adhering to the principles of corporate governance and returning balance and benefits to the society and the environment in order to bring about sustainability and reach the goal of world sustainability. The organization focuses on promoting the creation of innovative products and services for customer’s better quality of life as well as utilizes the concept of circular economy to improve operations throughout the value chain to ensure positive outcomes for stakeholders, all of which are crucial foundations for building a strong business while also increasing the company’s competitive edge in the long term.