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SCG, the first company in ASEAN, listed on DJSI world for 15 consecutive years, Highlights Circular Economy Concept as a driver of sustainable business growth

Date : 17 September 2018


SCG is the first leading ASEAN conglomerate to be selected as a member of the sustainable company in Construction Materials Industry for 15 consecutive years since 2004 by Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI). SCG is committed to conducting business with circular economy principles to establish a robust circular economy system and strive toward a sustainability leader.

Mr. Cholanat Yanaranop, Chairman, SCG Sustainable Development Committee disclosed, “SCG is the first company in ASEAN which has been selected as a member of DJSI in Construction Materials Industry for 15 consecutive years since 2004. We believe the business activities aiming at attaining excellence in all dimensions: economy, environment and society, along with demonstrating strong intention to bring about innovations to support product and service development in order to provide the greatest benefits to all stakeholders are key mechanisms for SCG’s striking success.

Furthermore, to streamline organization's management and operations, SCG has implemented circular economy principles to enhance the effectiveness of business operations throughout the entire value chain. SCG has realized the significance of Circular Economy concept with three core strategies: Reduced Material Use & Durability, Upgrade & Replacement, and Reuse & Recycle. A series of schemes aim at lowering impacts, thereby delivering environmental benefits as well as enhancing the living standards of the community. Nevertheless, to build a robust and sustainable circular economy system, it requires cooperative action across all sectors. SCG, as a business sector, has joined forces with many organizations both in the public, private and social sector, undertaking collaborative efforts and knowledge sharing that will lead to true sustainability of the economy, environment, society, and community.”

The Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) are comprehensive benchmarks evaluating the sustainability performance of the world’s leading companies. The global investment community has recognized the sustainability criteria into its investment portfolio decisions as DJSI members are considered to be the company generating positive and sustainable returns to investors.



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