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SCG serves up food packaging solutions catering to growing food industry

Date : 30 May 2018


SCG unveils two innovative packaging products at THAIFEX-World of Food Asia 2018, introducing Flexible Packaging and Fest (food safety packaging) as new solutions for customers created under the concept of Passion for Better.

The solutions offer new functions, with new and improved designs, which provide more durable, convenient, and more efficient at keeping food fresh. At the fair, SCG also offers packaging designs, specifically for food-related SMEs wishing to build a differentiated brand, add more aesthetic value to the food, and promote safe consumption. The company said its business has grown at a fast pace due to the growth of the food industry, which has expanded at a consistent rate of 4-7 percent per year.

Mr. Karan Tejasen, Managing Director of TC Flexible Packaging Co., Ltd., Packaging Business in SCG said: “We strive towards becoming a Total Packaging Solutions Provider, who caters to the needs of customers and consumers with total packaging product and service solutions in a sustainable way. We have continued to develop new packaging solutions to serve the needs of different groups of customers, especially customers in the food industry, who require a large amount of packaging and have been growing as much as 4-7 percent per year.”

“In addition, with varied packaging needs and types of packaging that cater to the changing lifestyles of customers, SCG has continued to improve our packaging solutions for the food industry, focusing on enhancing convenience, using high-quality and food direct contact raw materials, and adding design innovation to make our packaging easy to use, durable, and outstanding. We provide consultation services to our customers to help them develop the right packaging, from what materials to select, designs that are appropriate for the products, as well as the customers’ packaging systems. We are a thought partner to our customers, whatever their needs are.”

“SCG offers a complete range of packaging solutions for the food industry, such as Flexible Packaging made from plastic-based materials. The market for such packaging in Thailand has grown 4 percent whereas in Asia, it has grown 5 percent in line with population and economic growth. SCG has invested in expanding our production bases in Thailand and ASEAN countries, alongside developing new technology and innovation to create packaging solutions that serve functional as well as design needs. We have created new packaging products that add value for users such as the Spout Pouch, an upright Flexible Packaging with caps for ease of use, with enhanced protection for food and beverages, and requiring less space for storage and disposal; the Morning Roast Coffee Pouch, airtight packaging for coffee beans with ventilation valve helping to keep coffee fresh and maintain its aroma; Ezy Peel®, film for packaging lids with a tight seal and can be peeled off easily without leaving any plastic residue on the rim, for safer and more convenient consumption; and Ezy Steam® packaging that can be put inside a microwave without the need to cut or tear a small vent, helping to keep microwave ovens clean during use.”

Packaging solutions for processed food businesses and general consumers are presented under the brand Fest. Mrs. Wimol Chantian, Fest Brand Director said: “Fest has been started from our care for the health and safety of consumers. We developed food packaging that are clean, safe, and can contact with food directly. These solutions is one of the products that come from our passion to make consumer’s life to be better. As for now, people lifestyle has been changed from cooking to be having a takeaway food or ordering the food instead of cooking, so they have a chance to use more food packaging products and the food delivery business is growing up as well. We surveyed the market and consumer’s demand, both users and F&B service providers, and created various types of food packaging to serve various needs.

“Currently, Fest has two types of food s safety packaging, The Fest Paper Packaging made from Food Direct Contact Paper, it is forming from a single sheet of paper to prevent oil and water leakage. Customers can also choose to print patterns on the packaging to add more value and create their own unique food packaging. The Fest Natural Fiber Packaging is molded from 100% virgin natural pulp, comes in various shapes and designs to offer several types of food, both Thai and International
set menus that has various food items such as rice, soup and salad. The Fest Natural Fiber Packaging is microwavable so that the consumers can heat up and have food that tastes fresh as if it’s just been cooked. The Natural Fiber Packaging is also 100% degradable.”

To further increase convenience for customers, Fest products are now available through more channels including Modern Trade retailers such as Makro, Tops, Big C and Foodland for home usage and more than 1,000 packaging stores as well as Fest Shop at SCG head office. Fest Shop is ready to serve customers, with food packaging advisor. Other available channels include www.festforfood.com and call center 02-586-1000, offering easy access to customers who want speedy service and home delivery.

“Fest also offers Fest Solutions, a design and consultation service for F&B business who is looking for specific solutions. We offer outstanding designs to create the unique for your brand, add more value to the menu, and turn food packaging into a communication channel for customers. Recently, SCG has added new services and solutions for quick chain restaurants such as leading fast food restaurants, offering packaging solutions throughout the ASEAN region,” Mrs. Wimol added.

Thanks to staff capability and their dedication to finding solutions for customers while innovating new services, as well as continued investments, SCG is ready to create more values for customers in several other industries through its packaging solutions, allowing customers and consumers to have access to high quality products and services that serve their needs in a sustainable way.

Discover the new and exciting packaging experiences and innovations by SCG, as well as a variety of promotions, services, and activities, at SCG’s booth (1 NN-01) at THAIFEX-World of Food Asia 2018 from today until June 2, 2018 at Challenger Hall 1, Impact Muang Thong Thani. For more information, visit www.scgpackaging.com



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