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SCG and COTTO Supports Pro May-Pro Mo At LPGA Tournament for 6th Consecutive Year: Sharing the Inspiration from Golfer Sisters towards Success

Date : 11 January 2018


“SCG” and “COTTO” believe in the potential of “Pro May – Ariya and Pro Mo – Moriya Jutanugarn” and continue to support the golfer sisters for the 6th consecutive year at the LPGA Tour 2018 while encouraging the professional golfers to share their success stories to inspire Thai people from different walks of life.

Mr. Yuttana Jiamtragan Vice President – Corporate Administration of SCG says that SCG has pride and admiration for sisters Ariya and Moriya Jutanugarn, as both golfers has improved themselves year after year, from their readiness, physical strength to mental preparation. With their determination to learn from past mistakes, overcome pressure, and reach their goals, the sister has brought fame to Thailand while attaining the world’s championship title and one of the world’s top golfers with pride. The organization is ready to support both golfers for the 6th consecutive year since 2013.

“I feel the same as all Thais who are happy and proud of the sisters’ success. For sponsors like SCG and COTTO, we feel a close connection to the sisters as though we are family. In every competition, we don’t only aim for the sisters to gain the championship title, but we want them to show their best shots, compete with joy, bring happiness to Thai people and also inspire others to succeed like themselves. For SCG, as sponsors, we have full confidence in them and we will be providing sports science services and psychological counseling so that they will have the readiness and perform their best.”

The performance of “Pro May – Ariya and Pro Mo – Moriya Jutanugarn”, known to many as the “Jutanugarn Sisters” in 2017 was outstanding. Ariya received the championship title from two tournaments and became the first female golfer from ASEAN to take the world’s top position. On the other hand, Moriya stepped closer to her goal of receiving her first LPGA championship, and was also the golfer to achieve the most birdie. The sisters showed great improvement in their performance and problem-solving skills while handling immense pressure, and they have achieved the title of the world’s top golfers at a young age.

The sisters Moriya and Ariya express that SCG is much more than sponsors and is considered family to them. “Since the first year that SCG sponsored us to play golf professionally, SCG has been very caring about our competitions and our lives, making it easier for us to travel around the world to compete. Today, SCG is still supporting us as strongly as ever. We deeply appreciate their support and we promise to bring joy to all Thai people,” says Moriya.

“We would like to thank SCG, COTTO, and all Thais for their support and encouragement. This is another year that both of us will be training hard because we want to achieve our goals and perform well in all the tournaments that we enter. We believe that everyone will be glad if we play well and show that Thai golfers are as good as golfer from any other nation. We also want to encourage more Thai youths to play golf to bring back the popularity for this sport,” says Ariya.