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SCG Receives Award of Sustainable Excellence 2017 for Fourth Consecutive Year

Date : 15 December 2017


Ms. Venus Asavasitthithavorn, Director – Enterprise Brand Management Office of SCG (right) represented SCG to receive the Award of Sustainable Excellence at the Sustainability Report Award 2017 from Mr. Rapee Sucharitkul, Secretary General of the Securities and Exchange Commission (left). SCG was the sole company to receive the “Award of Sustainable Excellence” for the fourth consecutive year, as the award is an outstanding recognition given to only companies with the standards to retain the excellent level of reporting. The award emphasizes SCG’s determination to drive the organization towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in line with SCG’s business principles that adhere to sustainable development while creating value for society through comprehensive environmentally-friendly business operations.

The sustainability report compiled by SCG this year was outstanding in the details relating to the operational structure that clearly classifies each working committee, outlining guidelines for sustainability from economic, social and environmental, while presenting SCG Sustainable Supply Chain from upstream to downstream and demonstrating a firm domestic and international development policy. The report also provided details about the impact of the organization’s operations that are of interest, along with feedback from all stakeholders.

The Sustainability Report Award was held with the cooperation between the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Thai Listed Companies Association, CSR Club, and Thaipat Institute. SCG has been submitting sustainability reports for consideration since 2013.