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Economic Dimension


Value Chain Management

Action Plan

  • Promote and support sustainable development in the entire value chain

Actual Performance

  • Purchase 5.20 billion bath of environmentally friendly products under the Green Procurement list
  • Declare SCG Code of Conduct as a guidelines for suppliers to conduct business

Next Step

  • Develop supplier management approaches taking into account management system, legal compliance and supplier's materialities
  • Enchance operations of dealers to be able to grow together with SCG
  • Expand networks of dealers, technicians, real estate developers of future business growth
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Sustainable Products and Services

Action Plan

  • Study and develop innovative technology for products and services that respond to customers' need aiming at high value added and environmentally friendly products and services
  • Encourage customers and stakeholders to understand and choose high value added products and service and SCG eco value products

Actual Performance

  • High value added products sales revenue accounted for 35 percent of revenue from sales
  • 82 products certified with SCG eco value, accouted for 26 percent of revenue from sales

Next Step

  • Create products and services with high value added and environmentally friend for better quality of life of all generations
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Sustainable Development Policy

Corporate Governance

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