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Sustainable Development and Corporate Governance

SCG conducts its business with responsibility and fairness based on a philosophy that is in alignment with principles of Corporate Governance and which are developed to consistently and appropriately reflect changes in economic and social conditions. Corporate governance is part of a broader business policy whose performance is continually being monitored and measured, as well as improved and amended, in order to remain up-to-date and conform to the economic and social situations that are constantly evolving.

Corporate Governance Policy and Guidelines

Rights of Shareholders
Ensure that all shareholders are accorded basic rights, both as investors and as owners of the company, via reliable and acceptable methods and standards.

Equitable Treatment of Shareholders
Create tools to ensure true equality for all shareholders such as by assigning independent Directors to oversee minority shareholders, as well as have in place measures for the control of internal information by defining a clear timeline for prohibiting the trading of company shares prior to the release of the company's financial information.

Role of Stakeholders
The Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring that the company has in place a management system that will help provide assurance about the company's acknowledgement of the rights of stakeholders, both as stipulated by law and as clearly stated in the company's policy on Corporate Governance and Code of Conduct, and guarantee that these rights are protected and that all stakeholders are treated fairly.

Disclosure and Transparency
Control and define measures for disclosing information, both in Thai and English, to ensure that it is complete, accurate, sufficient, reliable and up-to-date, as mandated by laws, regulations and rules of the SEC, SET and other relevant entities.

Board of Directors and Structure
Responsible for overseeing the performance of the company to ensure effectiveness and conformance to the organization's vision, including providing necessary support in various aspects to executives and management and defining clear roles and responsibilities in order to ensure that all are operations are smoothly undertaken.

SCG believes that the monitoring of actions under the policy on Corporate Governance by the Board of Directors will enhance the organization's capabilities and promote healthy competition, both in the short and long term, by providing assurance to investors, financial institutions and business partners. This will in turn lead to increased value to shareholders, as well as to other stakeholders, including in terms of social and environmental aspects.

DJSI Sustainability Assessment

Sustainable Development Policy

Corporate Governance

Economic Aspect

Social Aspect


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