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SCG Sustainable Development Policy

Compliance with regulations and laws is a minimum requirement for all SCG operations.

SCG has applied the Sustainable Development Framework to a search of the issues that society, international organizations and world business are concerned about and see that they are problems the different organizations should take joint responsibility for action, for instance, the United Nations Global Compact, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), World Resources Institute (WRI), Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI), Guidance Standard on Social Responsibility (ISO 26000), International Energy Agency (IEA), International Labour Organization (ILO), Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI) and Financial Times and London Stock Exchange (FTSE).

SCG SD Development Progress

From there, we have made a comparison with the SCG business environment and expectations of its stakeholders to summarize what action SCG needs to take, and we have made a comparison with what action world class companies are taking so as to enable us to make improvements and develop a plan for action. The issues SCG finds significant are the following:

1. Governance

   a. Good Corporate Governance

   b. Integrated Risk Management

   c. Disclosure & Reporting

2. Economy

   a. Direct Economic Value Generation

   b. Economic Value Distribution

3. Society

   a. Community Investment & Donation

   b. Labour Standards & Practices

   c. Human Rights

   d. HR/Human Capital Development

   e. Occupational Health & Safety

   f. Stakeholder Engagement

4. Environment

   a. Energy Conversation

   b. Climate Change

   c. Water Management

   d. Waste Management

   e. Ecosystem & Biodiversity

   f. Eco-product


DJSI Sustainability Assessment

Sustainable Development Policy

Corporate Governance

Economic Aspect

Social Aspect



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 Download PDF format