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Business Overview


SCGP continued to pursue quality growth amidst the economic volatility and fluctuated energy price. With these challenges, SCGP closely monitored and adjusted to the dynamic situation for continual business operations, strategic expansions via merger and partnership (M&P) while further enlarge the customer network to new markets with high growth opportunity in order to support diverse demands such as foodservice packaging which is offered to both Duy Tan and Go-Pak customers, customer network expansion of Batico’s consumer and performance packaging into SOVI’s customer group. SCGP also worked closely together with customers to develop packaging solutions as well as improved production for operational excellence through knowledgeable and skilled personnel. Emphasized on environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects, the company is committed on improving the environment with a clear target on green house gas emission reduction to Net Zero by 2050 to deliver consumer convenience, good health and societies as well as a sustainable environment.


In 2022, SCGP had operating results with revenue of 146,068 Million Baht, an increase of 18% from the same period of last year with main contribution from production capacity expansion and M&P, full-year financial consolidation of completed M&P in Duy Tan, Intan Group and Deltalab, and partial revenue consolidation of Peute and Jordan; and lastly, the product prices adjustment in line with rising costs. Meanwhile, EBITDA was 19,413 Million Baht, 8% drop from the same period of last year. Profit for the year was 5,801 Million Baht, or a 30% drop from the previous year, attributed to heightened energy costs and lower sales volume amidst softened packaging paper demand globally and regionally as an effect from stringent lockdown in China.


In 2022, the ASEAN economy was heading toward a continued recovery with increased regional consumption and released COVID-19 situation. Nonetheless, COVID-19 restrictions in China and the drought in the southern part of the country in the second half of last year have led to supply chain instability, which affected the manufacturing and trading sectors in the region while the global economy was affected by highly fluctuated energy price. This was a major cause of hyperinflations and the surge of interest rates in many countries, adding pressure on overall economic recovery, which need to be closely monitored.



  • The issuance of new debenture with total amount of 10,000 Million Baht to the general investors (Public Offering) as preparation of a sufficient cash flow requirement for business operations and future investments. The Company has also prepared both short-term and long-term credit facilities from commercial banks to enhance the Company’s liquidity in preparation for future uncertainties and economic challenges. In addition, the Company has laid out a policy for overseas subsidiaries to manage working capital by using short-term loans in the currency corresponding to their income to mitigate foreign exchange risks.
  • Cash and capital expenditures (CAPEX) management are prudently planned and executed. The Company aims to prioritize business expansion on projects that are in line with the long-term business strategies to uplift its competitiveness throughout the value chain, while also strengthen the fast-growing business segments including Healthcare & Medical supplies, Bio-solutions, and Recycling. The Company also further explores opportunities in the ever-expanding consumer linked segments e.g. healthcare related products, and expands the customer base to new growth destinations e.g. South Asia, Middle East, Southern Africa.


  • Expanded Fiber Packaging capacity by additional 75,000 tons per year through Thai Containers Group Co., Ltd. (TCG) to fulfill the growing demand for Fiber Packaging in Thailand, with expected commercial startup in the first quarter of the 2024.
  • Acquired 100.0% shares in Peute Recycling B.V. (Peute), the largest recycling company of paper and plastic packaging in the Netherlands. This investment will strengthen SCGP’s packaging recycling potential as well as extend its material supply network to meet customers’ and consumers’ higher demands.
  • Acquired 90.1% of shares in Jordan Trading Inc. (Jordan), a trader of recovered paper (RCP) based in the USA, to enhance SCGP’s capability to supply recovered paper and carry on business through collaboration and recycling knowledge sharing with its network in ASEAN and Europe.
  • Invested in flexible packaging business expansion project in Thailand by Prepack Thailand Co., Ltd. through the purchase of assets in flexible packaging business from CyberPrint Group Co., Ltd., the printing and packaging distributing company in Thailand, resulting in around 12% increment of Prepack’s total production capacity.
  • Signed MOU with Kao Industrial (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a leading consumer goods manufacturer and chemical supplier, to jointly develop and introduce innovative products using sustainable and customer-centricity approaches to minimize pollution and preserve the environment for future generations.
  • Jointly designed Green Meeting with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the occasion of Thailand hosting APEC 2022 Thailand by utilizing recycled paper in the process of design and production to organize an event or decorate a venue, for example, on any entrance, backdrop, photo spot, podium.
  • Collaborated with 3 leading medical supplies and labware distributors, namely, Meditop Co., Ltd., Affinitech Co., Ltd. and PCL Holding PLC to distribute medical innovations and medical solutions, satisfying the increasing demands for health products and medical supplies in Thailand and ASEAN countries, enabling accessibility of high-quality medical supplies for consumers, improving quality of life and public health, as well as supporting potential growth of the business.

Human Resource

  • Encouraged continuous self-development among employees as per the SCGP Learning Framework to ensure their capability is up-to-date and they are able to overcome new challenges, including keeping up with fast-paced demand and lifestyles of consumers and new environment, as well as possess knowledge, functional competency, and leadership competency through various forms of learning and the 70:20:10 learning solutions. Employees could improve themselves anytime and anywhere with the learning platform, which raises performance in line with organizational and people capability.
  • Encouraged employees to comply strictly with safety regulations, starting with themselves before passing on the mindset to surrounding individuals, as well as being a role model for colleagues to meet the safety-related goals of the business.
  • Cultivated an innovative culture through “The Inspiring Innovation” activity to continually encourage employees to create innovative products, as well as improve work processes or systems to increase manufacturing efficiency through hands-on experience in the form of education and contests. This activity also promoted learning and innovation with the assistance of external experts and employees in order to expand knowledge and apply it at work.


  • Placed important on reducing greenhouse gas 20% by 2030 compared with the base year of the 2020 all business units and aimed to achieve Net Zero by 2050. Furthermore, SCGP aimed to reduce water withdrawal by 35% by 2025 compared with Business As Usual (BAU) basis at the base of 2014 and continuous monitoring and processes in accordance with international guidelines. Another goal of SCGP is to achieve 100% recyclable, reusable, or compostable packaging by 2025.
  • Maintained its status as one of the leading sustainable companies in Thailand, or Thailand Sustainability Investment (THSI) and SET THSI Index for the 2nd consecutive year, and received 2 SET Awards, in the categories of Business Excellence (Best Innovative Company Awards) and Sustainability Excellence (Best Sustainability Awards) from the Stock Exchange of Thailand.
  • Planted a total of 68,863 trees in Ratchaburi, Kanchanaburi, Prachinburi, and Khon Kaen where its factories are located, as well as offered education to preserve and sustain growth of the forests.
  • Collaborated with business partners to gather and recycle used paper for sustainable management.
  • Held a packaging contest, “SCGP Packaging Speak Out 2022”, among university students for the 7th year with the theme of “RETHINK FOR BETTER NORMAL”, allowing Generation Z youth to propose creative packaging solutions and take part in the change for the betterment of the world and environment with innovative and unique approaches, as well as providing education on the topic of “EASY to RECYCLE” or “UPCYCLE”.
  • Promoted the Circular Economy and made the district a role model in efficient waste management for 3 consecutive years. In this year, 20 new communities joined the project, bringing the total to 61 model communities; SCGP aimed to reach out to all 183 communities in the Ban Pong District by 2030. In addition, SCGP in 2022, brought this project to 11 communities in Prachinburi, Kanchanaburi, and Khon Kaen, where SCGP’s plants were located.

Packaging Business Consolidated Financial Information (Million Baht)

  2022 2021 2020 2019 2018
Information from Statements of Financial Position
Current assets 60,154 69,186 62,919 35,383 30,074
Assets 197,280 206,824 172,429 139,513 93,246
Liabilities 74,313 84,524 62,588 76,697 39,986
Shareholders' equity 122,967 122,300 109,841 62,816 53,260
Information from Income Statements
Revenue from sales 146,068 124,223 92,786 89,070 87,255
Cost and expenses * 139,298 115,100 85,148 83,024 79,362
Profit for the year ** 5,801 8,294 6,457 5,268 6,319
EBITDA *** 19,413 21,164 16,884 15,036 14,866

* The figures for year 2019 are reclassified and the business segment information for year 2018 are restated.
** Profit for the year attributable to owners of the parent.
*** Profit before finance costs, income tax expense, depreciation and amortization and includes dividends from associates.