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“Idea Work” Think for Better Quality
Idea Work, Super Premium Paper, helps enhance your everyday work to a higher level of quality. Using N2 Technology from SCG Paper, it offers premium whiteness, greater thickness and extra-high smoothness, giving you an impressive document with excellent print contrast and unparalleled quality. N2 Technology combines two distinctive innovations from SCG Paper to give you better paper quality.
New Matrix Fiber Structure : A brand new fiber orientation and pulp structuring process that guarantees that every sheet of paper is of high thickness, great runability, outstanding smoothness and good for all kinds of office printing and copying machines.
Nano Coating Formula : A special coating formula that creates extra-high smoothness, excellent print contrast and sharpness, and exceptional printing quality; experience the perfect surface that is ideal for all your printing needs.
Idea Work is 80 gram super premium office paper, available in two sizes: A4 and A3.
  • Excellent print contrast and sharpness
  • Higher whiteness (obtains CIE value of 162 while average CIE value for regular office paper is 140-150)
  • Extra high smoothness and thickness
  • Suitable for double-page printing and copying
  • Engineered for used in inkjet and lasers printers and perfect for all office equipment
  • Classified with Thai Industrial Standard Institute (TISI) No.1054-2552
  • Copying 10,000 sheets without jamming*
*Test results from high-speed copy machine conducted under controlled condition according to SCG Paper’s laboratory standard.
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