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SCG wins Asia IP Elite award for third consecutive year at IP Business Congress Asia 2016

Date : 29 March 2017


Mr. Roongrote Rangsiyopash, President & CEO, Mr. Yuttana Jiamtragan, Vice President – Corporate Administration, and Dr. Wilaiporn Chetanachan, Corporate Technology Office Director, received the “Asia IP Elite 2016” award for the third consecutive year at the IP Business Congress Asia 2016 held in Shanghai, Republic of China. The congress is held by Intellectual Asset Management (IAM), the world’s leading magazine in strategic management of intellectual property.

The prestigious award showcases the success and commitment of SCG to implement intellectual property management as part of its business strategy for more than 10 years. SCG boasts an extensive IP management system that covers IP Creation, IP Protection, and IP Commercialization. Intellectual property analysis and planning are also incorporated into the company’s research and development efforts in order to innovate products and services that truly cater to the needs of the modern day consumers. The award also reflects SCG’s positioning as a regional leader in intellectual property.