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Board of Directors

  Lieutenant Colonel Somchai Kanchanamanee

Lieutenant Colonel Somchai Kanchanamanee (Age 63 years)

  • Director
  • Member, CSR Committee for Sustainable Development
Date of Appointment as a Director
  • March 30, 2022
  • Received a Bachelor’s Degree of Political Science, Faculty of Social Sciences, Chiang Mai University
  • Extensive experience of administration and large organization management, policy and strategy (Global Vision), international affairs, Laws, Marketing, Finance, and Environmental, Social & Governance or “ESG”
Director Training
  • (None)
Board Member/Management of Other Listed Companies on The Stock Exchange of Thailand
  • (None)
Position in Other Company/Organization/Institution
  • Since 2021 Vice Chairman, The correctional project, be happy, do good deeds for the nation, religion, and king
  • Since 2018 Vice Chairman, Baanboung Vetchakij Company Limited
  • Since 2018 Vice Chairman, Suvarnachad Company Limited
  • Since 2018 Vice Chairman, Mongkhol Chaipattana Company Limited
  • Since 2018 Vice Chairman, Sribathana Company Limited
  • Since 2018 Vice Chairman, Sridharani Company Limited
  • Since 2018 Vice Chairman, Siamsinthorn Company Limited
  • Since 2018 Vice Chairman, CPB Equity Co., Ltd. and its group of companies as being assigned
  • Since 2018 Vice Chairman, Siam Bioscience Company Limited
  • Since 2018 Vice Chairman, Apexcela Company Limited
  • Since 2017 Grand Chamberlain of the Bureau of the Royal Household
  • Since 2017 Director, the Crown Property Bureau
  • Since 2017 Vice Chairman, Royal Project Foundation
5-years Past Experiences and/or Remarkable positions
  • (None)
Shareholdings (Ordinary Shares) (as at December 31, 2021)
  • Held personally: (None)
  • Held by Spouse or minor children: (None)
Family Relationship among Directors and Executives
  • (None)
Support and Consult through activities related to the Company businesses
  • Support and consult on innovation by visiting company products, services, research and development exhibition of all related businesses
Remarks: Not having been the former CEO / C-level executive, former employee, director who served as the company’s auditor, or director with material affiliations with the firm or with insiders.
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